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JUNE 13, 2001

By Krista DeRosario

A fine art that originated in the Germanic Orr Mountains can now be found right here in Algoma's backyard, thanks to Dieter Heller of Three Oak Resort.

Back in 1782 this art form - known in German as "schwibbogen" - was discovered. People travel from all over the world to the Orr Mountains to sec this finely crafted wooden art.

And soon people will be travelling to look at Mr. Heller's work as he perfects this ancient craft that is ideally suited to be displayed on windowsills.

Upon moving to Canada two years ago, Mr. Heller realized that most Canadian houses do not have windowsills so he is designing window pictures which will hang in windows.

He creates many othertypes of crafts, such as dream catchers, Christmas omaments, and child lights.

One unique form of art is the pyramid. lt consists of four candles perched on a beautifully carved scene, which when lit, causes the carved figures to revolve.

Woodworking started out as a hobby for Mr. Heller back in 1994. His first piece, which

one yard in height and took three months to create, is one of his favourites, as he made it for bis wife whose cultural roots are in Germany.

Another one of Mr. Heller's favourites is a "Heller original," having designed the entire piece himself.

"Although," he explained, "every piece is original because it's made by hand. Even if I make two of them, certain parts are different."

Now retired, Mr. Heller devotes quite a bit of his time to perfecting his craft. Spending up to forty hours a week during the resort's offseason and between ten and fifteen hours during the summertime, it's obviously more a passion than a passtime.

That may seem like a lot of time, but the amount of tedious work that is put into making one piece is overwelming.

Each hand-painted piece is firstdrilled with tiny holes and then cut with a hand-held coping saw.

Mr. Heller likes to illustrate a natural look on his work. One' decoration, including the image of a bird, is about the size of a fist, but took four hours to meticulously paint with a toothpick to depict the feathers on the bird as realistically as possible.

With this type of dedication and talent it comes as no surprise that Mr. Heller assures he will continue with his Craft as long as I can do it!"

Mr. Heller's artwork is on sale at his store at Gordon Lake and he will also be featured in this September's artisans circle tour in the Sylvan Valley area.

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